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    How's it going?

    Hello! :) Welcome to the forums! Are you in the IDA discord yet?
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    IDA Competition 1 - Winners Announced!

    Thanks to all the CMDRs that took part, I am very pleased to now announce the winners of this competition. In first place, we have CMDR Eikoop with this fantastic montage: In second place, we have CMDR Deonon, with this awesome poster: In third place, we have CMDR Maximilian.Y for...
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    IDA Competition #1 - May/June 2018

    Reminder that the competition closes for entries on 30/06/2018, this Saturday.
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    What would be the best or ideal engineer progression? Combat, trade, exploration engineer routes

    Depends which you prefer. If you've done G5 FSD, I would head over and do some G5 thrusters at Palin, and then G5 shields somewhere or another, and then start on the weapons. That's just my preference. :)
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    Threads in the "Support & Appeals" sub-forum are private

    For your information: Threads in the "Support & Appeals" sub-forum are treated as confidential and can only been seen by yourself (the poster) and relevant moderators and administrators. Occasionally, the thread title may be visible to others, but not the content of the thread.
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    IDA Competition #1 - May/June 2018

    No particular guidance, it entirely depends on the context and the type of content. For example, if it were an article piece, I would suggest around 300-500 words. However, if it's an actual story, it could probably get away with being significantly longer than that. It's up to what you feel is...
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    IDA Competition #1 - May/June 2018

    Updated info: Competition closes for entries on June 30 at UTC 00:01.
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    What We Get Up To - IDA's Greatest Accomplishments (Updated Periodically)!

    It is indeed :love: We've accomplished quite a lot, when it's all put down in one document. :)
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    Seems to work (y)
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    Test 2

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    Atmospheric landing or space legs, which one would you like to have first?

    I think space legs to be honest. It would be great if that was released in conjunction with the fleet carriers, and we could walk around our massive capital ships :D
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    IDA Competition #1 - May/June 2018

    Hey! Thanks for joining up! Everyone is also completely new, the forum was only launched a few days ago, to tie in with the competition. :) Currently there is no specific end date, as we're not sure how long it will take for everyone to submit their content - this is the first competition...
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    Hello all

    That's very true!
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    Hello all

    Hey Dieny, welcome to the forums! :giggle:
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    IDA Competition #1 - May/June 2018

    Looking forward to it :D
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    IDA Competition #1 - May/June 2018

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    IDA Competition #1 - May/June 2018

    Hello and welcome to the first open Independent Defence Agency competition! To enter, commanders/players must submit unique and original content which they have created, such as any of the following: In-game screenshots Video clips Montages (no longer than 2 minutes) Fan art A relevant short...