Events organised

Thanks to our community. More coming soon!


Members in the group

Over 50 active members in the group and counting.


Thargoids killed

The IDA deals with unique and challenging threats everyday!


Current threats

There are a huge number of threats currently affecting our galaxy, including the slowly increasing aggressive Thargoid presence!

The Independent Defence Agency

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What is the IDA?

The Independent Defence Agency is an Elite Dangerous player group dedicated to making human occupied space a fun and adventurous environment. The IDA aims to be a community where commanders can have fun and enjoy playing the game, as well as being a place where new commanders can learn. The IDA organises PvP mini-games and partakes in PvE against both the Thargoids and for bounty hunting.

What is the IDA's lore?

Categorised by the superpowers as a militia, the IDA is committed to defend the Settled Worlds and human civilisation against any and all threads, including, but not limited to, the Thargoids, hostile humans, and the unknown.

What is the IDA's Current Objective?

Currently, we are focused on researching aliens and the recent alien sightings. Our fleets include several high-tech research and scientific vessels, which are deployed regularly to find and inspect various incidents.


The IDA is a neutral, combat orientated, defence group who follow a strict guidline of engagement rules - defending and protecting human rights and helping humanity to advance through science, knowledge and freedom. Our advanced and state of the art fleet of combat and scientific vessels are ready to delpoy galaxy-wide at a moment's notice.


We currently do not have a permanent home system, although this may change. We are able to deploy simultaneously to various systems, as well as choosing systems and/or stations as temporay FOBs (Forward Operating Bases).